Happy New Year!

December 31, 2008 at 11:31 PM (Life, Military, Navy)

 Holiday update live from New York!

I spent about 2 weeks back home in NY for the holidays, going back to base tomorrow. The food here alone was worth the trip!

It has beeen about 9 months since I joined, time is flying! It has almost been a year since I left for boot camp and the experience has been pretty amazing. Military life for me was a bit of a culture shock at first but I got used to it now. I just go to class and study most of the time, only difference with college is the uniform. Still, the educational experience is better than anything I could do in college. I’ve been in Monterey for only 7~ months, attained a pretty functional level of mandarin, and was able to meet a lot of good people from all sorts of places, one of the many benefits of military life. Before the break, I CLEPed the remainder of the required courses for the Associates degree from DLI. So I get a free AA degree at graduation, pretty good deal. I’ll be graduating my tech school in about 11 months and moving on to my next duty station in Hawaii around Novemberish. I can get some of those transfer credits and CLEP credits and put it towards getting a bachelors there. My master plan is in motion! Now to start me one of those newfangled wall street  ponzi scheme institutionaries so I can afford a house in expensive ass Hawaii. 

Word of the year is “Education”! Sponsored in part by… high unemployment and a new and improved recession economy.

Looking forward to the new year, new president, new shoes~!, and most importantly, the study and pursuit of the 3 3 on the Chinese DLPT5.

Happy Holidays~!



  1. Stan said,

    You didnt do anything else besides eat!

  2. Sam said,

    Been reading your blog and I hope to start my new career as a Chiling CTI very soon. If you have time please tell me more about it. Mahalo!

  3. Dan said,

    Hey! About to join up as a CTI, I’m sure you’re busy these days, but don’t forget about your blog! Would love to get an update

  4. Ian said,

    Thanks for writing this blog! I will be exactly where you’re at in a few months. I’m heading to Great Lakes in September and then off to Monterey for Chinese language training. It’s good to have a heads up of what I can expect on the same path you’re experiencing. Thanks again!

  5. Morgan said,

    Hey my name is morgan ..im an 18 yr old college student from dallas and i REALLY want to join as a navy linguist. i passed my DLAB and made a 97 on my asvab so i just have to see if there are ay linguist jobs open. i really want to talk to someone who has been through the experience..so it would be amazing if i could talk to you. my email is ilub2cheer@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  6. Dante said,


    I just stumbled across your blog because a friend of mine and myself are considerin joinin the Navy. I have a few questions I’d like to shoot by you if you’d take the time to email me up. Thank ye kindly


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