Have A Fine Navy Day

May 9, 2008 at 1:59 PM (Military, Navy, Rants, Social Commentary) (, )

Boot camp is over, I am a US Navy sailor! This is most definitely the proudest accomplishment of my life, it marks the beginning of real change. This was a decision I made on my own and I’m on my way to reaching my goals. This is only my short term goal though, I’ll have many more boring essays for my progress in the future. Walking this path I chose, I’ve met many amazing people and seen things I never would have experienced if not for the Navy. Still, this is only the beginning of the journey, I still have to work hard in “A” school and in the fleet. I have some serious motivation to do well, something I didn’t have in HS or college. I am pretty happy where I’m at and hopefully where I’ll be in the future.

With that said, the military isn’t for everyone. It is a huge commitment with a lot of sacrifices. Leaving your family, friends, spouse, your nice cozy home. I was busy all through boot camp and stressed out with the training, but when graduation came, the weight was lifted and all those feelings came out. I had never missed my family that much, but at least I got to see my parents on liberty weekend before I left. Not sure when I’ll be able to come home, hopefully there will be a good time when I can take leave. Before I left boot camp my division received a speech from one of my RDC’s (recruit division commander) pumping us up with the navy pride. Not everyone can say they joined the military during a time of war and that number is dwindling because our generation is the most educated ever. The future generations will be more educated still. Should that conflict with our core values? Honor, Courage, and Commitment is a big part of my life now, and I gained confidence in my abilities even though this stuff is all propaganda.

Wearing this uniform, an anonymous person paid our breakfast bill at a restaurant on liberty weekend. Couple of people at the airport thanked us for our service and I met a retired chief in the bathroom. A group of girls asked to take a picture with me at the pier. Those are some little things that make it awesome, but I have a new set of responsibilities now to conduct myself in a military manner and perform my duties. I guess I see the world in a different light now, I enjoyed my time in boot camp and the beginning of “A” school. It’s too bad there is a widespread belief that you are going to die in the military. There are so many other positive aspects and opportunities even if you have a college degree. I will say this though. Straight out of HS, the best jobs are in the nuclear field and advanced technical field programs. Advancement is quick and they have large bonuses if you can get the scores to get in. Navy educational programs can get you an associates/bachelors in 2-4 years, you will be earning a salary at age 18 close to what you might earn after you graduate from 4 years of college, navy pays for all your tuition and housing/food, you get the military experience, job experience, discipline, and very likely get to travel all around the world. But people are scared of dying at a desk job in California. So sad. College is probably easier, but that’s up to you. Don’t aim for mediocrity. Apply yourself in college and you can graduate in 4 years and have a cushy air-conditioned desk job like me and don’t even have to mess up your fingernails. Plus you get to keep your hair!

P.S. My “A” school issues all students a free PDA so I still win. More updates on loot and languages later.

See ya space cowboys.



  1. Potch said,

    wtf. son if i join teh military i cant keep my hair long

  2. Stan said,

    I need some operation if i join!

  3. Henry said,

    OMG your emo hairdo is gone?! IMPOSSIBLE! I refuse to hear those lies!

  4. little sister said,

    im so proud of you robert ! nice to see you make a move on the rest of your life. when you come home ill bake you cookies 😀

  5. Nilinet said,

    I’m going to Boot Camp for the Navy next month, and I’m going to do just what you’re doing! I hope to see you in California! I’m so glad you’re posting about your experiences. It helps me get an idea of what to expect when my time rolls around.

  6. Potch said,

    I would like some of your sister’s lil cookies

  7. Justina said,

    Hey, I don’t know you personally but I would love it if you could answer a few questions for me. I have been looking all over online for some answers and I can’t find them. So if you could get back to me that would be awesome.


    or find me on myspace
    My name is Justina Groen

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