“A” School

May 7, 2008 at 1:36 AM (Military, Navy) (, , , , , )

I arrived at the Defense Language Institute today in Monterey, California for the language training. This base houses the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine linguists and most people around here are new sailors. This is going to be my new command station after boot camp and it is pretty awesome. Everyone over here is chill and there are no boot camp rules, I just need to get used to the little things. The room over here is not that great and kinda dirty, but my roommate is a pretty good guy and he’s helping me out over here getting me caught up on the rules and such. In a couple of months I get to move to some better barracks but I got this room for a few months. I’m on my roommate’s laptop till my parents send mine over, I got the mailing address too, send me a email if you want it. It is looking pretty much like a college campus so far, just gotta keep things squared away and my uniforms looking good. More updates to come. Stay tuned!



  1. Henry said,

    Hey! Hows California? In your letters you kept referring to “A” school but you never said what it was…and I’m too lazy to google…

    btw are you cleared to post pictures yet? it would be great to see your graduation pics or of Cali.

  2. Jesse said,

    I am about to leave to boot camp. I was wondering what kind of liberty you get in a school.

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