AFK a bit for boot camp

March 3, 2008 at 12:04 AM (Life, Military, Navy) (, , )

Last day here,

goodbyes have been said, tears have been shed, the only thing left… is a blog post.

I’ll be back before you know it, only 2 months of boot camp.

When I get back, I hope everyone will be rich and awesome so I can regret joining the military. Otherwise, I might be inclined to think I made a wise decision or something!

I’m not really one for goodbyes soooooo AFK BAI



  1. Potch said,

    yeaaaa in 2 months imma be so rich and so rich and rich yur gunna be like ‘how u do that potch’ and ill just say ‘idunnolol’ ‘yur either a pro or a noob. thats life’

  2. Stan the fools said,

    If you come back we should go on a road trip for a week or soemthing with my imaginary new car.

  3. turtleberry said,

    going… going… GONE!

  4. stan said,

    AFK for two months…keep the blogs coming…if you have time

  5. Potch said,

    fuck yea. which imaginary car u gettin.

  6. Eidolon- said,

    lol…I shall grant u the status of “secret agent”!

  7. stan said,

    dunno prob some toyota

  8. Potch said,

    the jew says u locked the site

  9. Fake_Potch said,

    Is it really

  10. stan said,

    this is wack no one can post

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