CTI Linguist

February 27, 2008 at 1:22 PM (Military, Navy) (, , , , , )

CTI stands for Cryptologic Technician Interperative. We are the Navy’s linguists, and since the Navy is a support branch of the military, our linguists are more focused on intel and communications, unlike Army linguists which do some of the same duties but also have interregators and field translators. What we do is sit at a computer system and record, interpret and transcribe foreign communications. Could be on a sub or at a base doing this work. All materials are highly classified which is why CTI’s and the people that work with them require a Top Secret clearance. The experience with handling of sensitive material makes CTI’s very marketable in federal agencies such as FBI and CIA. There are also CTI’s that choose to further their language training in the navy and become interpreters for the US or international agencies like the UN or NATO. Not sure what I want to do when I get out but…

This is going to be my job in the Navy.



  1. Maria said,

    Hi, How u like your job so far? What excatly u doing? HOw did u started?
    I ve been invited to Navy to be a linguist – I am a native Russian speaking. But I am not sure how it all works. I have a two year old daughter too. Please. write me to my email

    • Recruit said,

      I’ve been accepted as a navy Linguist/CTI and will be signing my contract next week. If you want I’ll keep you posted as to what it’s like. I have a family too so i understand. Good luck.

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