Growing up double-time.

January 26, 2008 at 9:01 AM (Navy, Rants, Social Commentary) (, , , )

On a more serious note, the topic of the day is:

Why I really joined the Navy.

That is a question I have to answer for the next few months till I ship out. I will try my best to give a satisfactory answer.

Most kids grew up with the idea that they would go through school, college, and then go out into the world to get a job. I had those thoughts once, but of course life isn’t always so convenient. The general idea was that the educational system would teach us things, and as we learn these things, we could eventually use it for real world situations, like making money. My third grade teacher told me that, and of course, I now know she was a filthy stinkin liar. As we matured, you probably realized that most of this stuff you will never ever see again after you take that test at the end of the term. Thats not to say learning that stuff is useless because for the most part, any sort of knowledge has value, even if you never get the chance to spend it. I guess for most people, that’s fine. For me, that would be fine too, except for the 4 year commitment. That is a little thing called irony, since I’m signing away 6 years to the navy.

I went through 3 years of college, piece of crap school, learned middle school math, high school math, and some classes related to my major. Did I waste my college experience? Probably. But my grades in high school sucked so I didn’t that much choice. Good intentions and excuses don’t make the world go round, responsibility for that lies solely with me. One of the main reasons I looked at the navy was for an education. A real one that I couldn’t get here. And a degree eventually.

I think most people have the idea that you went to college for things like, education, the college experience, maybe maturing for life. For the most part, that has become a pipe dream. Simply a tactic parents use to dangle the carrot in front of us ignorant enough to try a bite. Kids today don’t go to college primarily anymore for the education, they go because everyone else is going to college. They go to party, hang out with friends, drinking, all this fun stuff, that in the end, lands them back at the end of high school four years later. College kids coming out of college with no work experience, a googled resume printout, and a desire to recieve an awesome paying job, based solely on the fact that they went to college. Yea… good luck with that.
-College is for internships. Secret is out.

Another big reason I joined, was to get working experience, I had a little bit, an internship as an electrician at Bloomingdales for $19.35 an hour. I learned more in 2 months there than in 2 years of college and made $7000 over the summer. I would go back to that in a second. Too bad you need connections, union membership, and an actual job opening for a great job like that. Like I said, life isn’t that convenient. Oh yea, college degree is optional.

FDR once said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. Obviously, he never met the hippy crybabies that live in NY. People these days fear the Iraq war, turbans, black people, jewish people, airport security lines, Hillary Clinton’s piercing eyes, Tom Cruise’s sorcery, Youtube celebrities, and most importantly for me, common miscontrued stereotypes of the military. Quite a large number of people here, including most (all) members of my family when I told them, thought I was going to fight in the war. Navy and Air force are support branches, they don’t actually do the fighting. In my case, the closest I would ever get would be a carrier off the gulf and more likely than not, I will be stationed at my first choice of port somewhere in Asia. For all you aspiring Miss South Carolina wannabes out there, on a map, that would be not the Iraq.
With that, is another reason for joining up, I want to travel. It is not a top priority, but aside from the brainmelting kool-aid whitewash propaganda the navy recruiters try to feed dumb kids, for me, seeing the world is a big bonus.

Seriously, I lost three years of my life with the college thing, and I’m taking a longcut to get out into the real world, I need to grow up double-time.

There are still other less glamorous reasons to list, brought to you by the letter M and the number 20,000. Stay tuned.


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